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Monday, June 09, 2008


Alongside the champion and the runner-up was Justine Henin, whose surprise retirement came only a few weeks before this Grand Slam, her beloved Roland Garros, was to begin. She was, however, back at the awarding ceremonies for the 2008 French Open Women's Singles final, but it was no longer she who was carrying in victory the trophy that she had brandished many times before.

It was now Ana Ivanovic.

A year ago, Henin and Ivanovic were also on the pedestal after the French Open final, but it was a different story back then. Henin was la numero une mondiale and had won that tournament for the fourth time. This time around, it was Ivanovic who was French Open champion and was to be announced as the new World No. 1 (regardless of whether she had beaten Dinara Safina or not).

The first time I mentioned Ana in this blog was almost a year ago, and she was World No. 6 then and had just reached her first Grand Slam final. She did so again at the Australian Open early this year (though lost to Maria Sharapova), and now she's made her dreams come true, and we fans are super happy for and proud of her.

Over at the men's side, Rafael Nadal has vanquished Roger Federer once again in this turf. It's always epic when these two men play for the trophy, especially at Roland Garros. It's like Obi-Wan Kenobi battling Anakin Skywalker or Professor Dumbledore facing Voldemort. I'm not saying that someone between Rafa and R-Fed belongs to the dark side, but they're just the best of the best right now, and a match between them is almost always exhilarating. You can never really tell for sure who'll win it.

Photo courtesy of French Lover from the forum