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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Patty Lazatin's nagging days are finally over. Patty, aka woodycakes, is a proud LJ user, and her blog (ahem)...I mean, LJ has been a source of comfort, entertainment and companionship for many like me. Her love for LiveJournal, however, is directly proportional to her hatred for Blogger, which is unfortunate because I've a been a happy, proud and content Blogger user since 2004.

She's attempted many times in the past to convert me, in vain of course. That is why it may come as a surprise to her that I have finally decided to get an LJ. She's not the only friend I have who has wooed me to move to LJ unsuccessfully, but her cries have been the most fervent.

So what was it that finally convinced me?

A little bit of compromise.

I hope that she is willing to meet me in the middle here as I have decided to mirror this blog in LiveJournal. Thus, I shall be maintaining both sites as identical blogs to appease both LJ fanatics and Bloggers who might feel betrayed.

Transfering my Blogspot posts over to LiveJournal was made possible through Paul Cooley's Blog2Blog application. I would like to acknowledge him here because it made the transfer very easy.

So here's to blogging!