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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The July Common Cold

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I have a cold right now. You know…the colds that come with phlegm. I hate it. I'd accept it if it made my voice temporarily raspy, allowing me to sing in a beautiful, husky tone, but it doesn't. I am so annoyed right now because I don't fully understand my Math lesson in modular arithmetic because I had to blow my nose all the way through the last Math session. I used up a roll of tissue paper, making those icky, nose-blowing sounds that have probably grossed out my seatmates forever. And you know what's funny? This happens every year! It always comes during school opening season! And you know what's even funnier? My sickness reaches its peak during Math class! Unbelievable! I was thinking this through on a jeepney ride home, and I have concluded that the main reason for this sickness is the season. It just rained non-stop yesterday. I probably encountered every kind of mud and rain puddle yesterday, rushing to catch my next class a la UP Mountaineers. I used to think that the reason why I would get sick every start of the school year was because of Makati pollution. I thought that after 2 months of fresh-aired summer in QC, I'd get bombarded with all sorts of urban diseases in Makati (no offense, folks), resulting in my sickness. If that were true, however, why then would I be sick again now that I'm in UP? This has led me to conclude that the only common factor between both scenarios is that they both occur during the rainy season. The common Math class factor only heightens the sickness because both my AC Math classroom and my UP Math classroom are air-conditioned. In conclusion, I will bring a sweater tomorrow.

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