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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

DSL, Solitaire, Halloween and How to (and How Not to) Spend the Last Days of Sembreak

After a major glitch and a couple of minor ones, we finally have DSL! Woohoo!!! Now I can download songs by the album, TV show episodes, podcasts and movies all in record time. I can now listen to LAUNCHcast without the song having to buffer for eternity, watch trailers of old movies, sample music from without, again, the long buffering, view the live audio and video streaming from the Times Square EarthCam...and the list goes on. And my mother won't ever have to make me disconnect again to use the phone!


Anyway, I have also become addicted to Solitaire. My father came home with one of those fake 10-peso Bicycle cards one time, and I started playing Solitaire. I have been addicted ever since, and I have infected everyone else in the household.


It was Halloween once again, and I decided to sport my custom-made saddle shoes (I sell by the way), and so, I went as a Bobby Soxer. I didn't have a petticoat and a poodle skirt, but I did have a blouse with a Peter Pan collar and a scarf to tie my hair with. That was swell.

We also went to Loyola Memorial Park yesterday to visit Lolo and his parents. Something about those candles unleashes the inner pyromaniac in children.


We had a Collegian workshop last Sunday, and I slowly realized that sembreak is nearing its end. As usual, I planned to do so many things this October, most of which I never actually accomplished. Now, I'm required to submit an article next next Saturday, and I am still wracking my brains on what to write about. Help me...

In The Eraserheads' "Sembreak," the lyricist expresses his deep desire get back to school because sembreak has bored him to death, and he misses Kim. Well, it would have been a perfect theme song for this month, except for the fact that I'm not as eager on going back to school. Oh well, I still have a few days to wrap things up. :)

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