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Friday, December 16, 2005

Kettle Corn

Kettle corn is a fairly easy snack to make, except for this one step in the procedure. The only ingredient you wouldn't normally find in your kitchen cupboard is the popcorn kernels, which can be bought in any grocery or convenience store.

popcorn kernels
corn oil

Take one cup of the kernels and place it in ample-sized pot...a kettle if you will...Take the corn oil (though I hear corn oil and canola oil have a lot of toxins...) and pour enough to cover all the kernels with a thin layer of oil. Place the pot under medium heat. HERE'S THE TRICKY BIT: When the kernels start to get "excited" and are just about to pop, cover the bed of kernels with around half a cup of sugar or more. Putting the sugar in too early would cause the sugar to scorch while putting them in too late would result in grainy sugar bits. When you've popped enough, take the pot away from the fire right away and sprinkle the popcorn with salt.

REMINDERS: I myself have not yet perfected the recipe. Firstly, I get scared that them kernels might start popping while I'm placing the sugar in, so I tend to add the sugar too early. Also, I had this habit of trying to pop most of the kernels, so I end up with burned results. Remember that you are NOT supposed to pop all the kernels. Err on the safe side, and pop only a little. You'll only a have little, but a perfect serving of kettle corn. For the when-to-put-the-suger-in dilemma, well, it's a leap of faith, I guess.


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