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Friday, April 13, 2007

The First Post of Summer

Today, I cleaned out my study table and threw away a couple of years of memories. You see, up until this afternoon, I had not really thrown away my third year and fourth year high school and freshman university stuff. I had around four bulging envelopes under my desk containing notes, quizzes and projects from 2003 to 2006. I'm sure most of you have thrown out your stuff years ago, but I somehow didn't have the heart to do so until today. It was a very poignant experience. Before letting go of them, I looked through some. I made sure not to browse through them too much lest I end up keeping all of them again. I managed to salvage a couple of projects and decided to randomly pick out a page for posterity. I picked out a page from my Physics notes. It had something to do with circuit diagrams and voltages.

I actually started this blog in the summer of '04. That was the summer of entrance exam review classes, SCB-A and short, hair gelled hair. That was also the summer when I was so into American Idol, when I became a huge Camile Velasco fan. I have not really been able to follow the show with the same enthusiasm that I had in 2004. I still watch it, but not as much as before. I used to tape episodes back then and make daily visits to American Idol message boards. I was really a big fan, and I blogged about it a lot.

My take on this season? As with the Oscar Predicter Contest, there is a difference between who you like, who you want to win and who will win. This season, I think that vocally and talent-wise, Melinda should win. I like Jordin Sparks. She reminds of America Ferrera, who I also like. Blake, however, seems to create the most noise every time his name is uttered on the show. I don't know if that should be taken as a indication of victory, but he definitely is a contender. It doesn't hurt that he's a good singer too. As for Sanjaya--well, he's not as bad as people say he is. He can sing. It's just that he's not as competent as a singer as the other contestants are.

But for really in-depth and regular Idol coverage, I recommend Patty Lazatin's blog...I mean LiveJournal.


patty said...

CAMILLE VELASCO!!! holy crap! I was a Jasmine loving folk.

I'm so touched you mentioned my LJ :D LoL!!!! Convert na kasi.

ANA i miss you!!!!!!

BLAKE FOR THE WIN!!!!! but i really like jordin too. melinda's great, but i dont want her to win!!! Ana, i miss you!!!

Ana said...

My sister is a Blake fan!

patty said...

how can she not be a fan?!? BLAKE IS TEH SEX!!! oh wait, how old is your sister. LoL

Ana said...

She's 15 going on 16 on the 29th. :)