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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Nizzle n Pizzle Episode 101

by Ana and Patty

On their maiden voyage, Nizzle and Pizzle (aka Ana and Patty) talk about cheap icecream, microwavable food from Ministop, and just how much Ana loves Abba and musicals. They also try to solve a conspiracy they've been bothered with for days! Listen to them babble and buzz about very very random things on Nizzle and Pizzle at Posterous!


Anonymous said...

yikeeeee!!!! cross posting our pilot!!! here's to more episodes. :) that means you update your blog more!!!! yay!

Ana said...

I know!

Anonymous said...

when you two start chattin, it's as if walang bukas! lol. saya saya.

Ana said...

LOL! Thanks Barry. You should guest sometime.