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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Final Thoughts Before the Finale

The next American Idol will be declared in a few hours, and although Patty Lazatin may not speak to me again after she reads this, Jordin was always my bet. Now, this is particularly important for me because this is the first time since I started watching Idol that my bet has actually reached the finals! Of course, it would have been entirely different if it were three years ago when I was a nearly rabid fan of Camile, but I am nevertheless excited. It's strange though because I'm a Jordin fan, but I really wanted Melinda to win, if only out of respect to her immense talent. Melinda's skill--what I feel is a combination of the right genetic makeup and formal education (She had voice lessons and majored in music from Belmont University, which I think is known for its music program.)--placed her in a league of her own, and I kind of felt that it was an insult to her that she did not even get into the finale.

Anyway, what's done is done, and what I'm writing about isn't quite relevant at the moment. Jordin did really well tonight, though Blake charmed the audience enough, so while Jordin seems to have the edge... never know.


Patty said...

Ana! i'm not THAT EVIL. i live blogged this morning. you should have watched at 8am. damn, it went by fast. You can like Jordin, it's fine. we just can't eat together ever again. LoL. Still, BSHORTY4LYF.

i can't believe you dont read spoilers.

Ana said...

Heehee... should meet my sister. She's a Blake fan too. She was so funny cos throughout the results show, she kept saying, "Ok, I've accepted it...Jordin's gonna win...", then when the results were announced, she was devastated and stormed out of the room...