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Friday, May 04, 2007

Licensed to Wheel

I would like to take this opportunity to announce to you all that I, Ana Alcala of Quezon City, am now a licensed non-professional driver.

I must admit that I barely passed the exam, but I made it and even have one of those little green plastic thingies where one inserts his/her license and receipt to protect them from the elements. The practical exam was not smooth at all. The engine died twice, and the person conducting the exam jokingly warned me that I might end up having to take a retest if I don't redeem myself. To compound the situation, after successfully getting off the vehicle without injuring anyone, I had to take this "walk of shame" from the driving area to the waiting area where onlookers who have been observing me fumble with the clutch and shifting were free to watch me salvage whatever was left of my dignity. Of course, that could all have been part of my imagination.

One of the reasons why I find it important to have a license at my age (I'm turning twenty) is because I often imagine myself in Bruce Willis' situation in The Kid. I can now tell my 8 yr.-old self that I already have a license as planned. Of course, she would be disappointed to know that I am not yet a registered voter and nor have I grown any inch above 5 feet, but I can at least brandish my driver's license to her.

My father accompanied me to the LTO office and proudly told me that now that I have my driver's license, all I need is this tax number thing. I am of legal age, but I hardly qualify as such in my 7 yr.-old sister's eyes, so this license may serve as some proof to her that I really am 19 and not kidding about it. Oh, and there is also this head ache that I've been having for the past few days. Maybe that's a grown-up thing, too.


patty said...

yey!!!! congratulations ana!!! my driver's license obtaining experience was very similar minus the practical :D
yay for drivers!!!

Ana said...


our experiences are soooo similar!

Anonymous said...

ana ana ana i only read this now! woohoo woohoo - rina